Slough Muslim Network

The Slough Muslim Network (SMN) is a community network which seeks to cater for the social needs of Slough residents through the delivery of exemplary projects and services.

The SMN aims to organise community projects in collaboration with local Muslim & relevant organisations to serve specific needs of the community. Through our projects and services we endeavour to promote the Muslim community as being effective in bringing positive change in our town.

The SMN team consists of a variety of professionals and individuals with vast experience, ranging from Islamic and social scholarship, non-for-profit, commercial networking, media and student activism.

Muslims have a long history of travelling across the world and touching the hearts of their fellow humans through their compassion, integrity and ethics. Islam has enriched communities through its intense commitment to social justice, forbearance and generosity – we believe that by living these values in everyday life, the Muslim community can make a big difference to the local community. .

Even though Slough is an immensely multicultural and multi-faith community, unfortunately there are those who manage to slip through our combined social networks and fall prey to a range of challenges. We believe that if the Muslim community of Slough connects to its social values and capitalises on its true potential, it can play a truly beneficial and positive role.