How can I advertise on your radio station?

We have many advertising packages here. If you would like to advertise please call us on 07826 850092.

Can I volunteer to help out with the radio station?

Yes, we always welcome volunteers here at radio Ramadan. If interested please can you email us at helpout@ramadanradio.org.uk.

Can I do a show on radio Ramadan?

Yes, we welcome involvement of the community as it is a community radio station. If you wish to put in a request to do a show, please email us on management@ramadanradio.org.uk.

If I believe there is some good Islamic audios for Ramadan can that you play them?

Yes, we welcome recommendations from our community. If you have something you believe we should play please email us the link, or details to management@ramadanradio.org.uk.